Wednesday, 6 October 2010

PKP column

Updated re not first PKP op-ed piece
This is a rare op-ed column by PKP.
You can read it here.

Our favourite paragraph:

"Over the last 36 months, as Sun Media CEO, I was forced to read the riot act. We had to move drastically or else die fast. We consolidated dozens of operations and reduced hundreds of locations to main hubs to gain both efficiency and performance."

To gain both efficiency and performance? Poll employees and readers on that line of thought, PKP.

A Toronto Sun editor e-mailed TSF to say today's op-ed piece is not the first by PKP, it is the third. PKP's two previous columns were published  April 1, 2010, and Oct. 24, 2008.


  1. "or else die fast"

    Instead, he'd rather die a slow and painful death and he's succeeding in that fashion with his newspapers.

  2. Please excuse me for a minute while I throw up in the corner.

    I would say that his newspaper empire is dying fast, The Toronto Sun is only a shadow of its former glory, in less then 10years Metro has risen to the number 2 paper in Toronto both in circ and readership, 24hrs is getting 3rd tier advertisers and is not top of mind with anyone, the boxes look like crap usually empty or with old papers in it. Metro is getting advertisers across the county that both the SUN and 24hrs would die for.

    I would say job well done keeping ahead of the curve in his opinion. Any strong business starts with its people but people keep getting tossed out of the organization so what are you left with? An un-happy workforce that have to do multiple jobs of others.

  3. How many points does PKP get for posting this?
    Does it include video? Did he blog something for the web? What about a Twitter feed? Yes? No? If he just wrote the column, then he doesn't deserve extra points for being CEO, right?

  4. And... does he get paid?
    Will he have to wait 8 or 9 weeks as some of his regular contributors do?