Friday, 1 October 2010

Today -4

Updated re Barrie
Four employees in the production department of Sun Media's Northumberland Today were laid off Thursday, says a TSF tipster out Cobourg way.

Shannon and Darren Catherwood, Kim Landry and Mark Ford were given their walking papers, says the tipster. Department manager Julie Hall remains. 

It seems the Today's production department duties, including packaging of Sun Media's regional glossy Go  magazine, have been moved to Barrie.

Northumberland Today was created in February of 2009 with the merging of three former Osprey community newspapers in Port Hope, Cobourg and Colborne.

The Port Hope Evening Guide was founded in 1878; the Cobourg Daily Star was founded in 1831 and the Colborne Chronicle was founded in 1959 from the ashes of the Colborne Express, 1866, and the Colborne Enterprise, 1886.

Northumberland Today readers say the newspaper isn't as focused on local content as the Guide, Star and Chronicle were, with an excess of Toronto Sun copy filling news, op-ed and entertainment pages.

Laying off four local employees supports reader arguments that "local" is no longer a priority. 

Buy, hey, Christmas is coming. It is that time of the year for Quebecor to piss off its employees.


  1. As long as we get a video Xmas card from PK, all is well. Go Nords Go (straight to hell)!


    Unrelated but an interesting (yet scary) concept. Don't let PKP see this:

  3. Now that much of Barrie's work is being sent to India it would seem the Northumberland jobs have, in effect, been transferred overseas.

  4. What in Barrie was sent to India? Ads? Or actual page building?

  5. 1:13 - with few exceptions, all the advertisement work for weekly papers in barrie and woodstock go to india, while dailies stay here for now. This amounts to about 30-40%.

    Most sales reps I've talked to don't know this. Fewer clients know.