Sunday, 31 October 2010

Kinsella op-eds

Warren Kinsella, Sun Media's new op-ed columnist who sits more to the left at the rightist chain, is growing on readers.

In today's Sunday Sun, he writes about a topic blogger John Downing wrote about last week - the influence, or lack of, newspaper editorials have on the actions of voters.

Does the endorsement of a candidate by a newspaper have any effect on the outcome?

"Newspaper coverage matters," he writes. "Nothing shapes a candidate’s reputation more than day-to-day news reports. But editorials? Not so much."

We like Kinsella's style of op-ed writing, which is cause for concern because columnists who instantly shine at Sun Media tend to fade into the sunset without warning.

But now that Tory Kory is history and moderation has regained some hold at Sun Media, we can only hope Kinsella will survive.

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