Wednesday, 6 October 2010

NADbank stats

Updated re Edmonton Sun
It is NADbank spin time, with today's release of 2009/10 print and online readership stats across Canada.

The Star says its combined print and online reach rose 5.3%, raising the Star’s combined weekly reach to almost 52% of the GTA adult audience. 

The Star says by comparison, the Toronto Sun reported a 1.9% increase in combined print and online reach,  the Globe and Mail recorded a 0.2% increase and the National Post declined by 9.8%.

 Overall, NADbank says print and online newspapers remain healthy.

The NADbank press release says daily newspapers reach 77% of adult consumers each week and print still leads the way.

NADbank says: The results of this study confirm that daily newspapers continue to be a vital source of news, information and entertainment for consumers in seven of Canada’s largest and most competitive markets. The readership of daily newspapers both for printed and online editions remains stable in all these markets. 

Today's release covers readership from the fall of 2009 to the spring of 2010.


  1. Is Canoe not included in the TorSun online numbers?

  2. Here's the Ottawa Sun story.
    Does NADBANK count freebies because the OttSun doles out many, many complimentary copies around Ottawa. Does throwing bundlles of free papers off the back of a truck count as "circulation"? If so, you can make your numbers say anything you want.

  3. Then why not make all the Suns, Journal papers, etc., free dailies, if that's the case?