Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ford 4 tabloids

Forget the politics, Rob Ford would be a tabloid headwriter's dream mayor.

You can't beat a four-letter mayor. Short and sweet.

Same as Hall.

Two shorter than Miller, Sewell, Beavis, Givens.

Three shorter than Lastman, Crombie.

Four shorter than Rowlands, Eggleton, Dennison.

Seven shorter than Summerville.

Sun editors can only be thankful Summerville, who holds the record for length when it comes to last names of Toronto mayors, was before the tabloid's time.

(Mayor Rimstead? Double Ford, but still would have been a Sun charm.)

For record brevity, it was Day, as in Mayor Ralph C. Day, 1938-1940.

But for a multicultural city that has had 63 mayors since 1834, Toronto hasn't strayed beyond the Commonwealth for its mayors.

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  1. Can we usurp the slogan "Have you driven a Ford lately?"