Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Rita's moochers

Rita DeMontis, the Toronto Sun's lifestyle editor, has a faithful following of newsroom moochers, judging by online photos on colleague Tim Peckham's new blog.

The Food Lady has them eating out of her hand, her desk, her cubicle floor. 

Tim's blog, simply titled Thank You Rita - A daily record of the stuff Rita offers her co-workers, shows some of the daily food stuffs home cooked or sent to Rita for reviews.

"Welcome to the blog that records the daily generosity of one woman, my friend Rita," Tim says. "Where I work, Rita is known to come around with something to eat. Every day. Sometimes twice - or more. This blog promises to document the amazing stream of thoughtfulness that I see every day at work."

Check out the photos. Who says there are no perks left at 333?

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