Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Media excess?

A J-Source article by Dana Lacey asks: Has coverage of Col. Williams gone too far? Or not far enough?

The lengthy, illustrated article includes Tuesday's front pages of the major Toronto print dailies and extensive quotes from stories and columns out of a Belleville courtroom. 

Tuesday's Sun front and inside coverage is as tabloid as it gets. More to come Wednesday as the debate about publishing all of the horrific details continues.

Michele Mandel's column says it all about this one man who has stolen the innocence of tranquil Brighton, Tweed, Trenton, Belleville and other communities far from big city crime.

As for Williams collecting a pension, do you get the feeling longevity is not in his cards, either by his own hands or the intent of others?

This could be one Canadian case where a life sentence will be a death sentence. 

1 comment:

  1. It's strange having so much info made available. I guess that what happens when the guy owns up to everything. But as creepy and sick as it is, it's refreshing. It leads to less wondering and speculation about what he might have done.