Wednesday, 13 October 2010

WinSun has a clue

Today's Winnipeg Sun miner rescue front should have been a Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary front.

As it stands, the Toronto Sun's election/mine rescue front shows how out of tune editors are when it comes to reader interest. Sad TorSun times.

Take a bow, Winnipeg Sun editors. You nailed it.


  1. Amazing, a story that has captured the world's attention got such little attention on the front of the Toronto Sun, a market I'm sure has Chilean families.

    Of course, judging by the copy in other dailies belonging to Quebecor, the story was the miners "were about to be rescued." Got to love those early deadlines imposed by PKP which kill getting the most updated items in the papers.

  2. Perhaps PKP should consider this type of innovation for Quebecor:

  3. Also, is the pink background behind the openly-gay candidate not a bit disturbing to anyone else?

    My gut tells me it's not referencing breast cancer awareness.

  4. Well, we're still amazed here in Toronto to learn there's a mayoral race going on. Sue levy reported that the race was over on Sunday, citing Rob Ford as having almost %50 of the a poll done by Rob Ford HQ. Ack.

    "Rob Ford has a solid hold on first place in Toronto’s mayoral race — and if the momentum continues he’s poised to win by a landslide on Oct. 25, according to the candidate’s own internal polling results obtained by the Sunday Sun."

    "obtained" by the Sunday Sun. Rob Ford walked it over himself, I'm betting.

  5. Does Quebecor have a cash-flow problem?
    Regular contributors to one of Sun Media's weekly special features sections haven't been paid since August.

  6. Quote: "obtained" by the Sunday Sun. Rob Ford walked it over himself, I'm betting.

    Walked? Waddled, shurely.