Sunday, 31 October 2010

Examiner obits

TSF commented recently on the lack of colour photos in Globe and Mail obituaries now that colour is available on every other page of the newspaper. 

Well, a TSF reader out Peterborough way says if the Globe wants to see how colour photos in obits look, check out the Peterborough Examiner.

We picked up a copy of the Examiner and all five photos in Deaths and In Memoriam were colour.

That separates the Sun Media newspaper from most daily newspapers, including the Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail etc. 

Perhaps the addition of colour has to do with obits being provided by Sun Media's new service in communities across Ontario and in four other provinces.

Whatever works.

Fuzzy, black and white head and shoulder photos don't cut it today, so why not bring obit photos into the 21st century with colour?


  1. I would assume someone can have colour in the Globe if they want to pay for it.. but even a BW ad isn`t cheap, I paid almost $400 for a one-day birth notice last year.

  2. If the paper is so far ahead of the curve, why did they just whack the heart out of their editorial staffing levels. Sorry but colour obits don't pay the bills in PKP land!

  3. I suspect that color obits have paid many bills in PKP land