Thursday, 24 May 2007

All Dunlop winners

The 2006 Edward Dunlop Award of Excellence winners.

Congratulations to the winners. We will try to provide links to most of the winning stories, columns and photographs that remain active on the Internet. To provide links to winning entries, e-mail TSF.

We know at least one winner, Edmonton's Doug Beazley, is no longer at the Sun. If there are others, please e-mail TSF.

The winners are:

Creighton Award: Tom Braid, Edmonton Sun

Winner: Mike Strobel, Toronto Sun - Nightmare Next Door; Runner-up: Earl McRae, Ottawa Sun - From Heaven to Hell

Investigative Reporting
Winner: Thane Burnett, Toronto Sun Sexual slavery; Runner-up: Robyn Stubbs, 24 hours Vancouver, Toxic time bomb

Layout and Design
Winner: Andrew Pollreis, The Winnipeg Sun, Home Turf game preview; Runner-up: Darren McGee/Bill Murray, Toronto Sun, The Changing Face of Toronto

Critical Writing
Winner: Jim Slotek, Toronto Sun, Kramer's Comeback (fee required to read online); Runner-up: Bill Harris, Toronto Sun, Heart of the Matter.

We'll Be There
Winner: Doug Beazley and Alex Urosevic, Sun Media, Canada at War; Runner-up: Toronto Sun entertainment department, Golden Years - 50 Years of Rock 'n' Roll.

Feature Writing
Winner: Earl McRae, Ottawa Sun, Brooding Icon Owned a Generation; Runner-up: Thane Burnett, Toronto Sun, Anticipation, Fear and Relief (scroll down to read)

Spot News
Winner: London Free Press, Bandidos Massacre; Runner-up: Max Maudie, Edmonton Sun, Letter from a Fugitive?

Writing Under 50,000
Winner: Larissa Liepins, Fort McMurray Today, Oilsands Development; Runner-up: Daniel Pearce, Simcoe Reformer, They Never Came Home

Sports Writing
Winner: Paul Friesen, Winnipeg Sun, A Look at Drugs in Sports; Runner Up: Jonathan Huntington, Edmonton Sun, Gambling Series

Winner: Wade Ozeroff, Edmonton Sun, Lost in Laguna; Runner Up: Mike Strobel, Toronto Sun, Queen For a Day

Feature Photography
Winner: Blair Gable, Ottawa Sun, Parliament Moon; Runner Up: Veronica Henri, Toronto Sun, Man's Best Friend

Spot News Photography
Winner: Blair Gable, Ottawa Sun, Fire Bomb Kids; Runner up: Jim Wells, Calgary Sun, Water Woes

Sports Photography
Winner: Veronica Henri, Toronto Sun, Gators Upend St Michael's; Runner Up: Ryan Jackson, Edmonton Sun Take Down

Photography Under 50,000
Winner: Scott Wishart, Stratford Beacon Herald, Real Horsepower; Runner up: Elliot Ferguson, Woodstock Sentinel-Review 9/11 Memorial

New Media Award: Tie
Winners: Alex Urosevic and Geoff Brennan, Sun Media: Afghanistan, and Al Charest, Darren Makowichuk, Kevin Udahl, and Jim Wells, Calgary Sun, Tribute To A Fallen Soldier.

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