Monday, 1 December 2008

A J.D. Xmas

We can't thank John Downing enough for launching his blog last year.

While reading each and every Downing's View posting, we have flashbacks to the rewrite desk in the Toronto Sun newsroom and the big man towering over city desk telling his stories.

The Day Oner and former editor has a new online story to tell, a Christmas story about the Kingsway, a neighborhood he has affectionately called home since 1963.

It is a touching Christmas story about how people in the community unite each holiday season to take care of their own, with Christmas concerts and a helping hand to the homeless.

And, like any worthy Christmas story, John has a big "humbug" for those who want to take the Christmas out of Christmas.

Christmas lights, Christmas music, Christmas movies, Christmas treats, Christmas gatherings with family and friends - and a heartfelt Christmas story from John Downing.

It is Dec. 1 and we are in the mood.

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