Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Alberta crunch

Sun Media's Alberta weeklies continue to experience the wrath of Quebecor cutbacks, the latest being the Pincher Creek Echo and the Crowsnest Pass Promoter.

Says a TSF tipster:

"The name of the papers are the Pincher Creek Echo and the Crowsnest Pass Promoter. They are going to keep the Crowsnest Pass open only in the mornings and the reporter and sales person are to work from home.

"Two people between the two branches lost their jobs. The changeover will occur on Aug.1. Also, the Promoter lost their bid for municipal advertising. Another blow to the Sun Media paper, leaving the Crowsnest Pass Herald to reap the rewards."

Thanks for the info.

Not having a newspaper office in a small community must be a nuisance for advertisers, readers and locals who just enjoy dropping in to say hello.

Main Street newspaper offices have always provided a comfort zone for employees and their readers.

So what is expected of Sun Media employees who are working from their homes instead of a newspaper office?

Are they on call 24 hours a day?

Are they expected to have people come into their homes for interviews and business dealings?

Are they compensated for business-related expenses in the home?

Is there a dress code for the home office?

Just what are they expected to surrender in the name of Sun Media?


  1. I heard the same thing happened to Banff and Canmore.

  2. Heard from up Grande Prairie way that the Daily Herald-Tribune's managing editor Jeff McCoshen has called it quits two weeks short of 20 years with the company. Word is he didn't like the direction the company is headed.

  3. I wonder what would happen if every managing editor did that because I know our M.E. is dying inside after what Sun Media has done to a paper he took years to nuture and even design.

    All gone overnight — including most of his editorial staff.

    I wish PKP would respond to some of these posts and realize what he's doing to once fine papers.

  4. Sun Media seems to be turfing managing editors - Barrie's is gone and rumour is more are to be turfed

  5. Alright, to those who think PKP gives a crap I need to let you know that he simply does not. His plain is as simple as it is obvious...let the papers die while still getting profits from them.

    He does not plan to grow the business at all, but rather control its destruction. If he can fire staff while still making even $1.00 in profit, it makes shutting the doors all that more easier at the end.

    Why else do all expenses have to be authorized by him?

    Face it kids, he'll bury this company just like he did with Quebecor World. That's the kind of visionless hack businessman he is.