Monday, 29 June 2009

Funnel photos

So did the Toronto Sun pay Adam Strongman for today's 10 funnel cloud photos, the ones being offered for sale by the tabloid for about $50 a pop?

"Photos at the Whitby/Oshawa border of a funnel cloud attempting to form and touch down on June 29, 2009. (Photo by Adam Strongman)"

Strongman gets photo credits at, but how about some cash for the rare Ontario funnel cloud pictures?

The Sun is also using a photo submitted by Willem Woudwyk.

It's Sun Media's Your Scoop at work again. The solicitation of photos for world-wide, copyright-free use by Sun Media in exchange for a photo credit.

Yes, we know a lot of media are doing it, but it doesn't make it right.


  1. Pay? Does that work exist in Sun Media these days?

    They might have gave him $10 a photo, if that. I'd be shocked if they offered much more.

  2. I'm sure the Sun pays something. Even smaller Sun Media/Osprey papers will pay $25 a photo. Plus paying for submitted photos or videos or whatever is surely cheaper than having to pay more staff photogs to go out and shoot it themselves.

  3. i heard canoe was charging its employees 25c for coffee these days.

  4. When someone submits anything to Sun Media thru the web site, the legal agreement makes no mention of payment whatsoever. It says only that the person gives Sun Media the right(s) to do anything and everything with the submitted material for all eternity. So legally, the person has no right to expect or claim a single cent.

    The Sun Media agreement also has the laughable clause that the person confirms "that the shooting of this Material did not infringe any law or regulation."

    If lawyers can't agree on what infringes what, then how can a lay-person possibly know every law and regulation?

  5. No I did not get paid for the photos. Just photo credits. It was done through the "your scoop" your news type of submission. I have had photos posted this way on CTV, the Sun, Reuters etc.

    Just trying to break into the news media biz.

    Any advise would love to hear any tips.