Thursday, 4 June 2009

Dresden -office

A TSF tipster who told us about Sun Media's decision to close the Petrolia Topic newspaper office also said the Dresden Leader office is being terminated.

We couldn't find an online story for the Leader office closing, so if TSF readers down Chatham way can fill in the details, it would be appreciated.

Any layoffs? How many employees still on the job? When will the office close?

Our tipster did say:

"Two more weekly offices (being) closed in Dresden and Petrolia, as announced in both publications on Wednesday.

"Too bad for these small community papers and their dedicated readers, employees and advertisers. The papers will continue to publish under the Sun Media name and will still carry local news and concerns . . . sure like (that) has happened at every newspaper in the area,.

"All will become PKP cookie cutter products with no concern to readers or the communities they serve.

"When will someone stand up and say enough?"


  1. Readers are already saying it.

    I know circulation has taken a huge hit at our paper. I wish more people from other papers who share their nunbers. At least 1,000 cancelled since the redesign since our seniors can't read the smaller type and hate seeing the same stories in this paper and the Toronto Sun which serves our market.

  2. Don't you think people HAVE stood up and said 'enough'? That's obviously not a battle plan that works.

  3. 2 office people decided to leave, but apparently were offered jobs in Sarnia.