Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Chinese checkers

Sun Media's Christina Spencer wasn't invited to the Chinese foreign minister's speech in Ottawa Tuesday, but the national reporter still wrote a relatively positive story.

Read the Calgary Herald story first and then Christina's story and you have to wonder why she was not a little more outraged about being barred from the Canada China Business Council meeting.

Media reps allowed to attend included journalists for Canwest News Service, Global TV, CBC, CTV, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Omni TV and Ottawa Citizen.

The Herald story suggests the Parliament Hill Press Gallery member might have been barred because of past articles critical of the Chinese government and her calls for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics.

All kinds of people are outraged by the media clampdown in Iran. How can Canadians tolerate the exclusion of a Canadian journalist from a speech on Canadian soil?

If Spencer was barred because of her previous words about China, we would expect her, and other reporters and columnists, to be bloody irate.

Who is the Chinese minister to control media invitation lists in Canada?

If it was someone on the Canada China Business Council who barred Spencer, all the more shame for doing so.

Let's feel the outrage, Sun people.


  1. Thats just sick......enough to curdle melamine laced milk!

  2. She addressed this in her blog the day before your posting.