Thursday, 18 June 2009

New Hinton paper

Sun Media is advertising for a new publisher at the Hinton Parklander in Alberta.

It seems the previous publisher, along with former Parklander employees who were laid off or quit recently, are about to launch their own independent print newspaper.

It is called the Hinton Voice and TSF, for one, wishes them all the best in competing with the Parklander for advertisers and readers.

There's nothing like a new kid on the block to kickstart journalistic adrenalin.

We hope it becomes a movement.

The Parklander will have a slight edge in manpower, but as the 62 former Toronto Telegram employees who launched the Toronto Sun in 1971 learned, the need to succeed trumps conglomerate complacency every time.

Says a tipster:

"The Town of Hinton has a new independent newspaper which is set to launch its first edition.

"The Hinton Voice is staffed by former Sun Media employees who worked at the Hinton Parklander, which is still operating. One was let go during the move to have composing moved elsewhere, one quit, the other left to join the new paper.

"And apparently they have found a very sympathetic printer."

The tipster didn't mention a launch date, or whether the Hinton Voice will have a voice online, but TSF is looking forward to a photo of the first print issue to share with blog readers.

Even better, a first issue in the mail, with a TSF donation to the cause, of course.

Break a leg, folks.

All you can do is the best you can.


  1. The first of many to come, I'm sure. Good luck to the Hinton Voice! (From a former Yellowhead County Sun Media Group employee).

  2. What exactly is going on with Sun Media in the west-central Alberta area? First the Jasper Booster tanks, then this?
    Good luck to the Voice.
    If nothing else, new locally owned papers like the Fitzhugh in Jasper are proving the community newspaper industry is still viable ... with a little effort.
    It seems almost shameful a ma-and-pa paper outfought one that is owned by a big corporation with plenty of resources, which appears to be the case in Jasper ... So sad is the new mentality of selling out fast.

  3. This makes me very happy to read this! I am sick of Sun Media using our local paper as a testing ground for their new hires. Any reporter/photographer that shows promise is quickly moved to a bigger paper. Those with lesser talent are passed over until they quit out of frustration. The result is a constantly revolving group of reporters and editors (except for a couple of exceptions), mostly young and fresh out of school. Perhaps a new competitor on the local newspaper scene will raise the quality bar and entice some decent talent to stay and invest themselves in our community.

  4. No reporter leaves to go to a bigger paper unless they want to.
    And as for the Jasper folding, the same thing is not happening to the Parklander, which has received much support from the community in the face of this new competition.

  5. The Hinton Voice website

  6. I wish them a long run. Beautiful paper which is completely local. This is exactly what Hinton wanted years ago. I worked there years ago but am still with Bowes. Too many changes - not sure what crap is coming down the pole next. Uncertainty is not something we all want when planning for our futures.

    The Voice has a very talented, strong team who will get er done.