Saturday, 20 June 2009

Saturday. updates

Globe and Mail staffers have voted 97% in favour of a strike in contract talks that expire in 10 days.

PKP has lost his bid to buy the Montreal Canadiens, The Molson family has apparently agreed to pay more than $500 million to regain ownership of the Habs.

We're not sure about the logic of the strike vote, but hockey and beer are a perfect match.


  1. I normally drink Labatt but this calls for a case of Canadian!

  2. Good on Molson.

    Imagine if PKP owned les Habs? He would have attempted to wield his Sun Media cutback power in this fashion: Defy all NHL rules by placing only three players on the ice per game and expect them to be a powerhouse en route to a Stanley Cup.

    Thankfully, such far-fetched thoughts are no longer an issue.

  3. Just because you have a strike vote doesn't necessarily mean a strike. But a lot of companies don't begin to negotiate seriously until they take the measure of your members' support. If they'd voted against giving that basic stick to their team, as one old union guy I know says, "you'd better buy kneepads for your negotiators." I personally don't believe either side in that negotiation wants a strike.
    Jim Slotek
    Vice Chair
    Toronto Sun Unit
    Local 87-M

  4. The players also would gave to bring there own Gatorade to the games as well...

  5. Let's not forget about having to pay their own way for road trips.....

  6. Does this mean that the bleeding is going to stop? Oh who am I kidding! There is another change at a community weekly Alberta paper and people have received their layoff notice for the end of July................