Thursday, 4 June 2009

Re Roy Peterson

Roy Peterson, an award-winning Vancouver Sun cartoonist, says editors refused to publish his farewell cartoon after 47 years with the newspaper.

And no, while the treatment of a productive media vet sounds familiar, the Vancouver Sun is not a Sun Media newspaper. It is a Canwest paper.

The Hook story by Crawford Kilian says Peterson, highly respected among North America's editorial cartoonists, was dropped because he was "too expensive."

Peterson, winner of seven National Newspaper Awards, told Kilian: "They told me they couldn't afford me. They gave me three months’ notice.”

The cartoonist said the Sun published a story Saturday about his departure, but it did not say he had been fired.

The Sun also declined to run his farewell cartoon.

His cartoons can be viewed at

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  1. That's a bloody disgrace! As a one-time editorial cartoonist and now Sun Media illustrator and writer, my drawing has been hugely influenced by Peterson.
    If I could ever claim to draw a fraction as well as Peterson, I'd be happy indeed.
    He's not only a superb artist and humorist, he's a Canadian icon and should be celebrated as such.

    Lesley Wimbush