Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Hall of Famers

Canadian News Hall of Fame lists floating around on the Internet are woefully out of date, as TSF readers quickly noted after our earlier posting.

Sun vets and others TSF readers say the list of 23 recipients posted here the other day - copied from several online sites and attributed to the Toronto Press Club - is not complete.

So we belatedly went to the source.

Yes, the homeless TCP - founded in 1882 - still has a web site and it does, indeed have a complete list of inductees up to 2001, the most recent year for additions to the Wall of Fame.

And yes, observant Toronto Sun staffers, Doug Creighton and Peter Worthington are in the Canadian News Hall of Fame, as are other Sun alumni. Peter was inducted in 1997 and Doug in 1988. Thank you for your e-mails.

The Toronto Press Club web site says "In 1965, the Toronto Press Club founded the Canadian News Hall of Fame, which now honours more than 100 men and women who have contributed significantly to journalism in Canada."

Separate from the TPC inductees are recipients of the annual Canadian Journalism Foundation's Lifetime Achievement Awards, which have been presented since 1996:

The 2009 recipient, Joe Schlesinger, was preceded by Sally Armstrong, Norman Webster, Knowlton Nash, Pierre Berton (posthumous), June Callwood, Doris Anderson, Trina McQueen, Doug Creighton, Mark Starowicz, Bernard Derome, Peter C. Newman, Peter Gzowski, Robert Fulford.

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