Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Not cool-er

Welland Tribune staffers say they aren't cool with publisher Ken Koyama's water cooler still up and running after they lost theirs recently.

"The newsroom/prepress/advertising water cooler was eliminated as a cost saving measure as well as the lunch room," says a TSF tipster.

"But the first floor, with publisher Ken Koyama and a few assistants, has a water cooler and lunch room which is off limits and locked up to night staff."

Meanwhile, tipsters working in other older newspapers buildings with old water pipes are raising health concerns. That leaves bottled water and some people question the safety of bottled water.

TSF wonders how many Sun Media buildings are air conditioned and is that comfort zone on the endangered list?

Sun Media employees concerned about working in unhealthy environments should request provincial air and water testing.

Air quality in the Toronto Sun newsroom was tested in the early 1980s when a concerned reporter, backed by others, called in the provincial health department to test the air quality.

It was a good move because air circulation in the new building wasn't working properly and the problem was corrected.

There is no disputing the rights of employees when it comes to a healthy work environment.


  1. Rumour has it that the water cooler downstairs at the Tribune is being paid for by the employees that are downstairs.
    But there is no safe place to get water in the building, despite what anyone says. Bathrooms taps? I think not, that's not safe or healthy. The water fountain? That's broken!

  2. A water cooler mysteriously appeared on the second floor of The Tribune today!!!! Pre-press, advertising and editorial all have access to it.
    If it appeared because of this posting and this blog, then a big thank you goes out to both!!!!

  3. If staff would only ask then would have known that water coolers stayed in both location till things got straighten out.