Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Mark Bell, a former Toronto Sun staffer and TSF reader, has come up with a brilliant idea for Mike Strobel's ongoing Moonlight Ladies photo spreads.

He suggests the Sun do a "where are they now" series for early SUNshine Girls from the 1970s and 1980s showing how time has treated them over the years.

They would all be post-40 women and then-and-now photos would be interesting to see, he says.

SUNshine Boys too, says Mark, a former SSB.

"I still remember a couple from the 1980s (me included) and to see them again with the before and after pic would be nice," says Mark.

Strobel could judge if those long walks on the beach and athletic interests SUNshine girls spoke of 30 to 40 years ago helped keep them looking forever young.


  1. Oh come on.....Mike Strobel may of had a pretty good selection of women featured over 40 years of age, but let's face it, it's not common for most women to maintain that 'hotness' factor.

    I would bet that many of these ex Sunshine girls don't look anywhere near as nice as they did back in the day. Moreover, how many would even want to be showcased in such a feature. It'd be similar to a "Before" and "After' photo.

    Ouch. My eyes hurt thinking of it.

  2. quote: "... the Sun do a "where are they now" series for early SUNshine Girls.."

    Already done in the past and proved not particularly popular with readers. The feature was popular only with the Sunshine Girl herself and her friends+family. Also, another similar idea was (thankfully) spiked after a couple of senior editors were finally convinced of the liability issues (sorry, no details until a couple of folks die off ;-) ).

  3. Wouldn't then-and-now photos work with former SUNshine Girls who are now worthy of Moonlight Lady status? Women who have managed to keep their looks and figures? Are you saying all SUNshine Girls who were "hot" in the 70s and 80s would now be out of shape, overweight couch potatoes who should never go near a camera? We think not. There must be former SUNshine Girls out there to prove you - and the editors - wrong.

  4. In addition to the photos, I'd like to see what the former Sunshine girls are now doing for a living. You know what I'm talking about:

    "Calling Dr. Monica. Report to neurosurgery, please. That's what this 18-year-old Gemini would like to hear one day. In the meantime, she's working out, chillin' with her buds, and at 5-foot-10, playing her favourite sport, basketball. (Todd Gillis photo)

    Twenty years from now, I want to know if she became Dr. Monica or not.

  5. Two words regarding Mark Bell's suggestion: Ann. Rohmer.

  6. With the exception of Ann Rohmer, how would you even do this? You'd have to run an ad in the paper saying:

    "If you were a Sunshine Girl at least 20 years ago, and you're still half-decent looking, and you live close enough that you can drive to 333, and you remember exactly what day your picture was published (because our archives don't have that information), and you still have a tearsheet from the original paper (because our old negatives files are useless and we can no longer make any prints), please give us a call."

    There are lots of opportunities for the Toronto Sun, with or without Sunshine Girls. But the sad thing is, no one really cares anymore and/or the paper is asleep at the wheel.

  7. ...and....If you STILL enjoy 'horse back riding'...apply within.