Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tilley praise

Toronto Sun vet Lorrie Goldstein has devoted a full column to Steve Tilley, the prolific gamer/Internet writer who is making the Sun shine with his passion for all things electronic.

As Lorrie, the associate editor, says: "No other Canadian writer, and few in North America, has Tilley's knowledge, ability to break major stories - at times even scooping the gaming industry's own publications - and access to industry executives."

Your said it, Lorrie.

Tilley's Internet page on Mondays and his weekend gaming coverage are a winning combo for readers.

The Sun devotes a lot pf pages to gaming, the Internet, wrestling, cooking, historic Toronto etc. - but we're still waiting for a writer with a passion for all things gambling to package a weekly page in print editions.

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  1. Gambling? Isn't PKP gambling away readers every day with all these cuts and layoffs?