Monday, 22 June 2009

Habs safe, but ...

Numerous anonymous TSF readers are celebrating PKP's failed attempt to buy the Habs, as is Bleacher Report columnist Daniel Arouchian.

In an online column today - Montreal Canadiens: Fans Happy, Quebecor Not New Owner - Arouchian provides a long list of reasons Habs fans are celebrating the Molson family's winning bid.

One TSF reader thought the loss of the Habs bid might mean a breather in Sun Media cuts, but . . .

"There is another change at a community weekly Alberta paper and people have received their layoff notice for the end of July."

Name of paper? How many employees?


  1. The name of the papers are the Pincher Creek Echo and the Crowsnest Pass Promoter. They are going to keep the Crowsnest Pass open only in the mornings and the reporter and sales person are to work from home. Two people between the two branches lost their jobs. The changeover will occur on Aug.1. Also, the Promoter lost their bid for municipal advertising. Another blow to the Sun Media paper leaving the Crowsnest Pass Herald to reap the rewards.

  2. Nice message, PKP: Cut the hell out of your Ontario products, ostensibly because of the faltering economy, but suddenly show how solvent the company really is by putting in a bid for an NHL franchise.
    The staff at the papers get it, as do their former colleagues whose positions you butchered.
    You've cut the heart out of many an outlet, and for what?

  3. Changes seem to be happening quarterly in Alberta. Will next cuts happen in sales, IT, management? I would be suprised to see more happening in July and something in Nov or beginning of Dec. Increased profits are coming from less expenses vs increased sales.