Friday, 11 June 2010

Bureau changes

The ever-prolific Kathleen Harris has been demoted.

She is no longer Sun Media's Parliamentary bureau chief, but "will continue to play an important role in the Sun Media national bureau."

Sun Media's outdated Eye on the Hill website says Kathleen has been trolling for stories inside the corridors of power on Parliament Hill since 2003. She loves adventure, politics, real people and election campaigns."

We doubt she loves this week's bureau shuffle, with two outsiders coming aboard to prepare for Quebecor's Fox North coverage.

But Kathleen is remembered, at the end of a lengthy press release.

The press release begins:

"Quebecor Media Inc. and Sun Media Corporation are pleased to announce the appointment of David Akin as Sun Media National Bureau Chief in Ottawa, and Brian Lilley as a Senior Correspondent."

And the press release ends:

"Quebecor Media and Sun Media Corporation would like to thank Kathleen Harris for her leadership as Bureau Chief. Ms. Harris will continue to play an important role in the Sun Media National Bureau."

So what say Greg Weston, Sun Media's senior national affairs columnist?

Have the changes shaken his romance with Sun Media?

There is Gordon Lightfoot song playing in the background as we wrap up this item.

Very timely.

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  1. Re Mr. Weston:

    Off to Washington?