Saturday, 26 June 2010

EdSun fireworks

The Edmonton Sun's employee/management relations are in for a major airing in the $2.28 million lawsuit by former political writer Kerry Diotte.

Check out this detailed Calgary Herald story from yesterday that begins:

An Edmonton newspaper columnist was removed from his post covering the Alberta legislature because he wasn’t good at his job, the company that publishes the Edmonton Sun states in recently filed court documents.

And continues:

Former Edmonton Sun scribe Kerry Diotte filed a $2.28-million lawsuit against Sun Media Corporation last month, claiming he was demoted, reprimanded, humiliated, and became depressed after a disagreement with the paper’s editor over his provincial politics coverage.

Pass the popcorn, folks, this one is a watcher.


  1. More reporters should do this, look at the Ottawa crew let go last week. What reasons were given? Were they compensated?

    Good for Kerry, I hope he wins case.

  2. I'm never one to side with management, but this lawsuit is ridiculous. Management has the right to use their resources as they see fit, and they don't have to justify in court removing someone from their beat. It doesn't say Diotte was fired, just 'removed from his post.' For God's sake, if we could sue for being depressed working for incompetent editors, this whole chain would be filing lawsuits.

  3. Yes, and I would be first in line.All that Kerry Diotte is suing for, is the kind of treatment I received at the Toronto Sun. To this day, I feel the aftereffects of being treated like a kid who never did the right thing.

    The amount of the suit may be a little high, but the principle is sound.

  4. Anonymous at 10:20 AM

    I understand your viewpoint, but what about those reporters in Ottawa who were simply let go because they don't share Kory Teneckye's political viewpoint?

    Is that "management using its resources as they see fit" OK with you?

  5. "I understand your viewpoint, but what about those reporters in Ottawa who were simply let go because they don't share Kory Teneckye's political viewpoint?

    Is that "management using its resources as they see fit" OK with you?"

    No. The difference is they were fired without reason or warning. Diotte was taken off his beat, something I've had done to me by several idiotic editors who didn't have to provide a reason beyond the lame "It's time for a beat shuffle." They obviously did it for personal reasons, but there was nothing I could do.

  6. As much as I would love to see management eat crow, this lawsuit has no merit and should be thrown out of court simply based on the idiotic monetary compensation asked for. Why no go for a zillion-billion dollars?

  7. Well just to let you know Sports Editor Jefferson Hagen of the Edmonton Sun just quit and went to the Calgary Herald, with former Sports Editor Keith Bradford. Another one fed up and getting out. Congratulations Jefferson. Kerry Diotte is just one of many who have been through this in Edmonton. Finally someone is standing up to them.

  8. Judges generally pay no attention to the initial monetary demands. Damages are figured out if the verdict goes the plaintiff's way.

  9. It's about time somebody did something about the bad treatment of employees in Edmonton and other Suns.

  10. Geez, people, read the story. Editor-in-chief is concerned legislature reporter is quoting the same Liberal MLA on too many occasions and asks reporter to quote a broader range of people. Is that wrong? Wouldn't you do the same thing? Then that Liberal MLA hands the legislature reporter a juicy story. If you were the reporter, what would you do next? Call the editor-in-chief, tell him about the story and explain you will be quoting the same MLA because he's the source? (Incidentally, this is the correct answer and the best course of action if you behave like a professional. Or an adult, for that matter.) Or would you pout, ignore the story and then feign surprise when the editor-in-chief is upset? (Incidentally, this is the incorrect answer and the best course of action if you want to be a petulant, passive-aggressive reporter who's angling to lose his plum assignment.) Of course, reporters get scooped. They miss big stories. It happens. But that's NOT what happened here. The reporter hired to cover the legislature consciously decided NOT to write about a great story that landed in his lap. As editor-in-chief, do you not worry he might do that again? Do you not wonder why the reporter believes his hurt feelings or bruised ego should take precedent over the good of a newspaper that's the product of a Herculean team effort every day? Diotte made his ill-advised, self-absorbed choice; the editor-in-chief made his. Only one was correct. It wasn't Diotte.

  11. Stop making sense, Georgia. That detracts from all the "what an awful company" posts here.

  12. Personally I don't know how an Editor in Chief can manage a paper properly from another city. Rodriguez lives in Calgary (unless he's moved to Edm recently) and manages both papers from there. As if that can work effectively.

    I shake my head in disbelief as to what's taken place in this chain. QM has run it into the ground. Creighton would be aghast.

    On the other hand, Diotte had worked himself up the ladder over 2.5 decades and like many writers, has an ego. I'm sure he was smarting and made a reactionary move. As much as I like him I doubt he has a case for 2.28Mil but I wish him well. Fight the power KD.

    BTW, he's running for city council next civic election. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.