Monday, 21 June 2010

TO Flashbacks

Nothing brings back memories of the Toronto Sun's glory years more than a vintage in-house phone directory.

This undated 43-name Editorial Department directory is probably from the late 1970s and only three people still have ties to 333.

Top of the list, the late, great J.D. MacFarlane, editorial director;

Linda Bone, secretary

Ed Monteith, managing editor (deceased)

Peter Brewster, assistant managing editor

Les Pyette, city editor (retired)

Jim Yates, assistant city editor (deceased)

Jean Houghton, secretary (retired)

Mark Bonokoski, reporter (still on the job)

Bob Burt, assistant city editor

John Cosway, reporter (now freelancing)

John Downing, city hall columnist (now blogging)

Gary Dunford, columnist

Linda Fox, rim

Jerry Gladman, reporter (deceased)

Margaret Haddrick, Home editor

Bill Hay, desk man (deceased)

Claire Hoy, Queen's Park columnist

Joe Hvilivitzky, court reporter

Ted Kerr, reporter

Lee Lester, reporter

Bill Lever, wire desk

Sandi Logan, reporter

Jan Lounder, reporter

Paul Mann, reporter

Cal Millar, police reporter (retired from Toronto Star)

Bob MacDonald, political reporter (deceased)

Sean McCann, court reporter (semi-retired in Alberta)

Pat McCormick, rim

Howard McGregor, rim (deceased)

Walter McKinnon, rim (deceased)

Barney McKinley, Real Estate editor (deceased)

Jane O'Hara, reporter

Cheryl O'Neill, rim

Chris Parnell, copy boy

Norah-Jean Perkin, Action Line

Debbie Read, reporter

Paul Rimstead, columnist (deceased)

Kevin Scanlon, reporter (now at Toronto Star)

John Schenk, police reporter (now at World Vision)

Jim Thomson, national editor (still on the job)

Donald Tsukada, rim

Glen Woodcock, systems coordinator (now Sun auto freelancer)

Peter Young, Queen's Park reporter

Just some of the numerous troops hired in the early years when the Toronto Sun went nowhere but up in employee numbers, readers and advertisers.

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  1. oh boy, another walk down memory lane
    And did the sports department not exist in those days?
    Or does it just rate behind the Real Estate editor?