Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Globe overhaul

A couple of TSF tipsters say the Globe and Mail is putting its wallet into print, with a $2 billion investment in printing presses and a print edition overhaul this fall.

That doesn't sound like print media has had its day.

One tipster writes:

"The Globe and Mail is putting its wallet into print. Over the past three weeks, the Globe's publisher and editor-in-chief have been talking about the Globe's future plans and the upcoming redesign.

"The long range plans include a $2-billion investment in printing presses. The short range plans include the new Globe to be debuted this fall: magazine-like with glossier colour and better paper stock; a print publication aimed at modern, digital-savvy readers; and no layoffs.

"The new Globe will not be a 'delivery system for news' but rather a delivery system for insights. The Globe is betting that readers will pay for high quality content published in a high quality format."

The tipster, in response to a TSF comment posted, says:

"Quote: '. . . as long as Sun Media is offering print don't shortchange print customers.'

"Exactly. About 94% of Sun Media profit comes from print."

Personally, we hope the Globe makeover does not mean the end of its Report on Business, its superior obits page, quality sports coverage, the Friday movie/TV section and other features.

The award-winning Globe, as it is, is the most reliable daily print choice these days, so we are a little concerned about the comment that it will not be a "delivery system for news."

Stay tuned.


  1. But are they planning on putting more copy editors out of work?

  2. http://www.truthandrumours.net/2010/05/31/aussie-rules-editing-at-globe-and-mail/

    In an e-mail message to employees, Globe editor John Stackhouse insisted that jobs will not be lost. “There is no planned reduction in headcount,” he wrote.


    Stackhouse said Pagemasters’ “two-page-a-day trial” will start June 7. “From July 6th until Labour Day, approximately 70 pages a week will be moved to PMNA. If the summer trial goes well, our plan is to continue to provide PMNA with some work.”

  3. It sounds like the Globe will be replacing the work done by summer interns, rather than regular staff, at least for the time being. In the past, the Globe would bring in a good number of copy editor interns every summer to serve as vacation relief, and now it seems that at least some of that work will be outsourced. I'm not sure how this would carry over into the rest of the year

  4. Looks like they're only a year behind the free commuter paper t.o.night... points for trying to the Globe, but it'll be interesting to see how their older readers respond.

  5. Is TO Night really an "delivery system for insights" though, when all the articles are under 300 words? Other than the glossy colour, this seems to be more of an Economist/Wall Street Journal direction. I'd imagine the big appeal of better paper is for advertisers