Saturday, 26 June 2010

Pass the hat?

Pity management without a BlackBerry, writes a TSF reader who has been keeping up with the Tweets of David Akin, one of the new crew in Sun Media's Parliamentary bureau.

Tweets such as:
"I love my new job but just finished day three and still no BlackBerry. Go ahead CrackBerry addicts: Try going cold turkey for 3 days!"


"After 7 days w/out these tools, just got my own BBerry (Bold 9700) and MacBook Pro up&running today. Apologies if I missed yer msg"

Our TSF tipster writes:

"David Akin has been tweeting that it has been days since he was hired and Sun Media still hasn't bought him a Blackberry.

"Can you start a campaign? I don't think it's fair that he has to go without one when we reporters have been without a cell phone for the newsroom or a car to report news unless we can find a payphone and a couple quarters, and here we have poor Davey going without the tools of a manager. I think people could get behind this. Maybe put up a PayPal link?"

Or not.


  1. Meanwhile a lot of staff in this company are still chugging away on 15 year old Macs....

  2. Like a Mac Quadro running OS 6.5? Wow that's sad.

  3. How about a Toronto Sun entertainment reporter showing up to a Ringo Starr interview with a cassette recorder? (Snicker, snicker!)