Tuesday, 29 June 2010

EdSun -1

A TSF tipster says the Edmonton's Sun sports editor has jumped ship for a Calgary Herald job.

"Well, just to let you know Sports Editor Jefferson Hagen of the Edmonton Sun just quit and went to the Calgary Herald, with former Sports Editor Keith Bradford," says the tipster.

"Another one fed up and getting out. Congratulations Jefferson. Kerry Diotte is just one of many who have been through this in Edmonton. Finally someone is standing up to them."


  1. congrats jefferson, we'll miss you :)

  2. Congrats Jefferson

    ....meanwhile, the suits at Quebecor are giddy once again at counting how many more dollars they just saved.... rather than worrying about losing more talent

  3. There will be more in the following months, that is the word traveling through the grape vine. Don't hockey teams fire the head coach when players don't want to work for him? Maybe the Sun should look at taking that route, rather than losing all the good players.