Wednesday, 2 June 2010

CP extension?

A TSF tipster says confirm or deny: Quebecor has decided to hang on to the Canadian Press for at least six more weeks because QMI Agency is not ready to drop them.

CP and Associated Press were scheduled to be axed by Sun Media at the end of this month, saving the company several million.

In March of 2009, an internal PKP memo obtained by the Globe and mailed said Quebecor would be able to create its own network "far superior to what the other groups have, because it will be driven by our own employees."

How is that working out for understaffed, overworked Sun Media newsrooms, PKP?

Weak filler news stories and photos in the Toronto Sun, channeled from other Sun Media jurisdictions, isn't what we would call "far superior" content.


  1. hmmm, the World Cup will run for the next six weeks.
    Nah ...

  2. Yep... World Cup of Soccer...where else will they get the coverage? Reuters barely touches sports.

  3. You have forgotten about the "citizen journalist" gimmick. Surely there will be someone in the Sum Media group going to SA for the tourney. I can hear it now. "hey Jim while you're over there could you do us a favour and take a few pictures?" Oh and don't put the ticket price on your expenses, we can't pay for it. Wow what a way to to have a company fall on its face.

  4. No, World Cup is likely not the reason. After all, remember how Sun Media covered Balloon Boy?

    Likewise, someone will just watch the games on TV and write a column about it.

    Saves on the flight ticket and hotel expenses and more. Quotes? Just steal them from TSN or CBC.