Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Right as right

Sun Media's Parliamentary Bureau has a new captain - Prime Minister Stephen Harper's former director of communications.

As a Canwest News Service story notes, Kory Teneycke will effectively be "overseeing coverage of a government for which he was chief spokesman one year ago."

Kory signed off as a CBC conservative pundit to accept the Quebecor appointment.

Mike Therien, Sun Media's national editor, loses control of the Parliamentary Bureau in the shuffle, but continues to oversee the five Sun tabloids in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg, says the Canwest story by Janice Tibbetts.

No word yet about how, or if, the new appointment will affect the prolific Kathleen Harris, Sun Media's Parliamentary bureau chief.

So Harper's former communications director now oversees Sun Media's fed coverage and former Tory PM Brian Mulroney sits on the Quebecor board of directors.

And some TSF readers say the Sun is too Liberal for their tastes.

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