Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Hinton Voice +1

The Hinton Voice in Alberta celebrates its first anniversary this Friday, an impressive milestone for one of several independent print/online Canadian weeklies launched in recent years.

The confidence of its staff is reflected in the newspaper's revamped website, with its much improved design and online advertising.

Born from the frustration of Sun Media employees, the Hinton Voice is a classic example of what can be done when the focus is on the community - something often lost on debt-ridden conglomerates fixated on their bottom lines.

So happy first Hinton Voice - and many more.

Take a bow, Robin Garreck and Sarah Burns, who launched the weekly as owners/operators after leaving Sun Media's Hinton Parklander. You do inspire.

Also going strong, the independent Fitzhugh, launched in Jasper, Alberta in 2005; Brant News in Brantford, Ontario, launched in October; the Strathmore Times in Strathmore, Alberta, launched in November.

Is the Brockville Voice, launched on Aug. 21, 2009, in Brockville, Ontario, with four former Sun Media employees aboard, still publishing? If so, an update anyone?

If we have missed any other independent weekly or daily launches, let TSF know.

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  1. They all have solid looking websites that put any of the Osprey papers sites to shame. No ads down the middle of the page, how refreshing.