Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Niagara action

Call it the Niagara Region Shuffle.

TSF tipsters from down that way say some bodies are on the move this week involving Sun Media's Niagara Falls Review, Welland Tribune, St. Catharines Standard and Northumberland Today - mostly at Metroland's expense.

One tipster says brothers Mike and Mark Cressman, Mike's wife, Leanne, and John Tobon are leaving Metroland's bi-weekly Niagara This Week to join Sun Media.

OK, from one tipster we have Mike Cressman as the new ad director of the Tribune, replacing Daria Zmiyiwsky.

Zmiyiwsky is on her way to the Review as ad director (manager), replacing Mark Holmes.

Holmes is off to Northumberland Today (Cobourg, Port Hope, Colborne) to become publisher.

Meanwhile, Mark Cressman is the new publisher at the Review, taking over for Dave Martineau who left recently.

"Rumour has it more changes are coming to Niagara as well, but no one knows if it means more layoffs or the forming of one paper - which has been long rumoured," says the tipster.

"The announcement of the new ad director (manager) in Welland took a few people by surprise. Long time ad vets in Welland were not even considered for the job at either Welland or Niagara Falls."

Another tipster says Mike's wife Leanne will be doing real estate at the Standard and Tobon is expected to become a regional advertising director for Niagara Falls, Welland and St. Catharines.


  1. Metroland's expense or relief? And can't imagine loyal Sun Media staff are impressed with this.

  2. Read into it what you will, but as of June 2 there are no Niagara jobs posted on the Metroland.com careers site.

  3. Info is a bit incorrect. Mark Holmes is heading to Northumberland to become Publisher, which he deserves as he's worked his butt off. Peter Conradi had also resigned as Managing Editor prior to all of these changes.

  4. if i were an ad person with seniority and not given an opportunity, i wouldnt be too happy.
    too bad about Conradi, he was good for the Review.
    talk about jumping on to a sinking ship.

  5. Conradi's not gone

  6. The thing is, The Review, The Trib and Standard are not sinking ships. They pull their weight. They are (were) a blueprint for how the rest of this company could do things. If head office would just leave us the hell alone, things would be fine. But they can't stop meddling and shitting on morale. It's like an addiction to them.

  7. Peter Conradi is gone in two weeks. He's a great editor, a smart newspaper man, and respected by his staff - three things this company could care less about.

  8. conradi also left for another industry.. the service station industry im told...