Wednesday, 9 June 2010

PKP in London

PKP was in London yesterday speaking to regional Sun Media managers, so it appears that recent call for pow wows will be a series of regional meets in the coming weeks.

The London Free Press has a video clip of PKP addressing the managers yesterday, but a narrator does most of the talking over his presentation.

What we do hear PKP say is "Only the strongest will survive."

And "even more convergence" is mentioned in the narration by Mike Knoll.

No London Free Press story about PKP's visit to Spencer Hall and only a brief video clip.

There is an editorial message there, somewhere.

Check out the faces of the dozens of assembled managers. Do you see apprehension or a sense of better days ahead?

If only we could read their minds.

We've heard it's Niagara Region for PKP tomorrow.


  1. Not a smiling face in the room...

    "More convergence" = layoffs.

    Wonder if he talked about the Nordiques?

  2. PKP will be in Niagara on Thursday

  3. Fox News? Ask many in the States what they think of Fox's a joke just like this half cocked idea. Maybe it will be staffed by citizen journalists?