Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Short shorts

Craig Martin, Sun Media's executive vice-president of western operations, is retiring next month, says an Edmonton Sun story. Martin, 55, with Sun Media since 1984, says he plans to take a year off and travel. He has no doubt earned it. That leaves more territory for Gordon Norrie, who becomes western VP as well as publisher of the Calgary and Edmonton Suns.

Brad Honywill has a new blog on the revamped CEP Local 87-M website, but it might not be that busy with the SONG president up to here in newspaper contract negotiations this summer. But Brad's Blog, launched earlier this month, is the right move for direct communication with current and prospective SONG members.

A TSF reader in Ottawa says the ENT pull-out section was missing from his Sunday Sun last weekend. The Ottawa Sun still has a pull-out ENT section and the Toronto Sun doesn't? What's that about? Are there pull-outs in Edmonton, Calgary or Winnipeg?

Bill Brioux, the Toronto Sun's former TV writer, procrastinated with the writing of his latest book on late night TV talk shows and it paid off handsomely. The delay allows him to include the Leno/O'Brien shakeup. Night Watch: 50 Years of Latenight Television is due in February.

The Toronto Sun should publish a checklist of benefits and drawbacks in hosting a G20 conference. Say about an inch of space devoted to benefits and substantial space to drawbacks.

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