Thursday, 30 September 2010

EdSun -3 more

Three more Edmonton Sun employees have left or given notice and a student intern asked to stay refused the job offer, says a TSF tipster.

Going/gone are Glen Werkman, page layout, Kristy Brownlee, reporter, and Candace Ward,  reporter/photographer, says the tipster.
Their departures follow recent exits by Jason Franson, Alyssa Noel, Clara Ho, Jefferson Hagen and freelancer Doreen Thunder.

Something isn't right at the tabloid when employees are leaving on their own terms.


  1. Wow! Now when a student intern even turns down a job offer, you know something is seriously wrong.

    But does captain PKP care about his sinking ships? Not at all.

  2. Can't speak about the other people, but Jefferson Hagen left for a sports job with the Calgary Herald. I think we can all agree that the Herald is a considerable step up from Sun Media, so I don't know if I would feel too bad about that one.

  3. " a considerable step up" -- actually lots of Sun people in Alberta have turned down the Herald, which is a very shaky paper these days and certainly no "step up."

  4. That's a considerable lie. You would have to be an idiot to turn down working for better pay, a respected newspaper, and getting treated like an employee should. This sounds like Sun propaganda that management tell students who don't know any better.