Thursday, 3 May 2007

Blog Watching

What other bloggers are saying about Sun Media, Quebecor, Toronto Sun Family etc. Click on blog name for full postings.

Mock Turtle:
"I’m no fan of the Sun chain and all its works, but I’m sort of fascinated by the Toronto Sun Family blog, which specializes in bring-out-your-dead-style daily casualty lists of editorial employees fired, resigned or laid off that day as the chain collapses."

"Sun Media, owners of the Sun papers, is implementing a national editorial policy, which the Canadian Association of Journalists is blasting as a threat to local editorial independence. Sound familiar? CanWest tried to pull this lame-brained stunt five years ago, which led to a very strong backlash (including Gazette writers pulling their bylines in protest)."

Magoogle 1:
"This was what actually inspired the post below, but it's also worth passing on, on its own merit. After 35 years, 5,000 columns and 4,000 editorials, John Downing has left the Toronto Sun. Not with the fanfare that an accomplishment half that impressive would deserve, but quietly, with no fanfare or the recognition he deserved for being a huge part of shaping this city and its opinions."

Magoogle 2:
"I've been part of it . . . a couple of times now . . . And though I never worked at the Toronto Sun, I completely understand what the employees, past and present are going through. Watching something they sweat blood to create slowly being pulled apart by money hungry vultures with no understanding of what they own, what its potential might be, or the history behind it."

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