Monday, 14 May 2007

ENT feedback

Full credit to ENT's editors for publishing not-so-favourable reader feedback about the Toronto Sun's new Sunday Sun entertainment section.

Victoria MacMillan wraps up her letter to ENT by saying "I'm at a loss for words. I nearly cried when I opened the paper and found this. I don't know how else to say it. We hate it."


Helen Gibson says, in part: "Sorry, your ENT magazine does practically nothing for me."

F. Setters was more positive - and brief: "ENT is a great little magazine, with lots of info."

TSF says: Can't say we hate it and can't say it is great. We do say the makeover certainly didn't warrant a name change from Showcase to ENT.

(Just a thought: How difficult would it be to put dates in the Today through Saturday boxes at the top of the pages, except for the checked boxes?)

One problem with ENT is the age factor.

Except for Bruce Kirkland's reviews of DVD films for all ages, most of ENT section content is aimed at readers from late teens to thirty something.

The CD reviews, video games, concert reviews etc. leave the Sun's post-50 readers feeling ignored and wanting more for their Sunday Sun money.

The slimmer Sun Television guide is another disappointment for veteran Sunday Sun readers.

Once upon a time, the Sunday Sun, from front page to back page, was a newspaper to anticipate week after week. Sadly, not so much anymore.

Baby boomers who grew up loving the Toronto Sun are growing older with a tabloid more interested in catering to a younger target market than packaging a paper for all ages.

Perhaps that is another reason for the plunge in Sunday Sun readership.

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