Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Dunlops: Ottawa

The Ottawa Sun was first out of the Sun Media gate to announce its 2006 Edward Dunlop Awards of Excellence winners early today.

Ottawa Sun photographer Blair Gable picked up two main photo awards and reporter Earl McRae picked up one main award and a runner-up honorable mention.

Perhaps Ottawa wanted to announce their awards before tonight's midnight strike/lockout deadline.

TSF will update the Dunlops winners as they become available, but for starters, congrats to Blair and Earl.

Ottawa Sun
Feature Photography: Blair Gable won top honours for a moody shot of the moon behind a cloud-covered Parliament Hill tower.

“(The Parliament shot) was a case of beautiful light,” Gable said in an Ottawa Sun story by Alex Hebert. “I wanted to shoot something that would complement the quality of light available at that time.”

Spot News Photo: Blair Gable, for his photo of a mother, who had lost her children in a firebomb arson crime, holding a locket containing their pictures outside the accused’s trial.

Blair, who recently won a major News Photographers Association of Canada's award, attributes the firebomb photo to an old saying among photographers — arrive early and stay late.

“I had the photo I needed but I felt like I should stay to get something better and that’s when the locket came out,” he said in the Sun story.

Feature Writing: Earl McRae for a story recalling the impact Elvis Presley had on his life, including the night he played racquetball with the King.

“The feature writing award was for a piece on the impact Elvis has had in my life, so I guess I’ll have to phone him in Tweed and tell him I owe him one," said Earl in the Sun story.

Column Writing runner-up: Earl McRae for a story about how surviving a deadly terrorist bombing in Egypt forever altered the life of one young Ottawa woman.

The Dunlop awards, named for the Toronto Sun's late founding president, have been awarded annually since 1985.

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