Saturday, 5 May 2007

GTA media jobs

Happiness in Toronto's competitive newspaper market is employment. The goal for most Toronto Sun newsroom staffers who have been laid off, fired, resigned or took buyouts is to get back into the business ASAP.

To hasten their return to work, Toronto Sun Family will accept job postings for newsroom positions at the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail and the National Post and any other daily or weekly newspaper in the GTA.

The free 50-word ad will include position (reporter, editor, photographer etc.), application deadline date, brief job description and instructions for applying for the job. E-mail your ads to TSF. Please use a business e-mail account to identify your publication.

TSF's Help Wanted services:

Sun Media jobs: Free newsroom job postings submitted by human resources at Sun Media;

Media job sites: Online web sites focusing on media job postings across Canada;

GTA media jobs: Free 50-word newsroom postings from GTA dailies and weeklies.

Good luck in the job hunt.

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