Friday, 25 May 2007

Kudos for Kirkland

Globe-trotting movie critic Bruce Kirkland was humbled at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday when awarded one of 30 prizes given to veteran journalists.

"To celebrate its 60th, the Cannes Film Festival, through the esteemed Gilles Jacob, gave out some 30 prizes yesterday to veteran journalists," Bruce wrote in today's report from Cannes. "I got the one that represented Canada, quite the responsibility for your Sun Media correspondent.

"It is a big, beautiful, incredibly heavy bronze medal that sits resplendent in a leatherette case," Bruce, a Toronto Sun staffer for more than 25 years, said in his report from Cannes today. "On the front, it reads: "Festival de Cannes." On the back is a French-language inscription I'm still translating."

Says Bruce: "I feel honoured and embarrassed and happy."

A most deserving award for a prolific movie and DVD critic who keeps his Sun readers informed and entertained throughout the year.

Congrats, Bruce.

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