Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Reformer talks

The countdown continues to a midnight strike deadline tonight for 18 employees at the Simcoe Reformer, a Quebecor owned weekly in the Bowes chain.

A government conciliator was called in for further talks yesterday and today in hopes of averting a strike/lockout.

The paper, with a circulation of just under 10,000, has been involved in contract talks between the Southern Ontario Newsmedia Guild and management since March.

Recent 11th hour contract settlements at the Ottawa Sun and London Free Press included annual 2% wage hikes and job security issues.

Meanwhile, the Journal de Quebec lockout of editorial and office employees and sympathy strike by pressroom employees in Quebec City is now in its sixth week, with the 250 employees publishing a CUPE-backed free weekday tabloid called MediaMatin.

News out of Quebec City was minimal for most of the first five weeks.

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