Tuesday, 8 May 2007

London press release

This is a press release from the London Free Press Editorial unit which SONG (CEP Local 87-M) has represented since about 1989:

"Workers in the editorial department at the London Free Press voted 100 per cent in favour of strike action Sunday, without even having seen any monetary proposals from the employer.

"Employees were rejecting a non-monetary proposal from the employer that would make seniority subordinate to something referred to as "superior skills." At the same time as it seeks to erode seniority rights of unionized workers, the company is seeking to give managers seniority rights to bump into the bargaining unit should they be laid off.

"Opposition to the attack on seniority was unequivocal, but workers who attended the strike vote meeting Sunday afternoon were equally adamant they had little tolerance for any cuts to wages and benefits.

"Bargaining resumes Wednesday (May 9) and monetary issues are expected to be tabled at that time."

CEP says the 50 members of the editorial department are mostly reporters, photographers and copy editors. Ten employees did not vote Sunday.

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