Saturday, 5 May 2007

Sweet Sun music

My Three Suns, one of two Toronto Sun bands competing in last night's fourth annual Mediapalooza band competition, took home the bragging rights.

Named top performers among the seven groups competing were Al Cairns, bass and vocals, Shawn McIntosh, guitar, and Michelle Ostrowski on drums.

The Globe and Mail captured the title in the first three annual band competitions.

"It was a great night," said Mike Patton, a harmonica player for the Sun's second entry, The Shrinking Newsholes. "We did a five-song tribute to Johnny Rivers."

Other members of The Shrinking Newsholes: Jim Slotek lead vocals; David Henderson, lead guitar; Ian Harvey, bass; Jonathan Jenkins, drums; Liz Ford, backup vocals; Michelle Verdirame, backup vocals.

Other bands competing represented the CBC, Globe and Mail/Canadian Press, Toronto Star and MTV.

Also a winner at the fund raising Opera House music night was the Children's Aid Foundation.

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