Thursday, 24 May 2007

Dunlops &

The Toronto Sun's treatment of the 2006 Edward Dunlop Award of Excellence winners' list is baffling.

The Dunlop award winners were announced Tuesday, but they were not in the Toronto Sun on Wednesday.

The Ottawa Sun winners were on early Wednesday and the Winnipeg Sun winners were online Thursday morning.

The Toronto Sun caught up to the awards Thursday in the print edition, but its story about all of the Dunlop winners in the Sun Media chain is MIA online.

They keep telling us to go to but when we went to to provide a TSF link to the Toronto Sun awards story, zilch.

Meanwhile, Glenn Garnett, editor-in-chief and author of the Inside the Sun blog, did not write a congratulatory blog Wednesday or Thursday.

Go figure.


  1. From experience I can tell you that a lot of Sun papers like to leave the local announcement of Dunlop winners to the Sunday editions, which have the highest readership.

  2. In London, Ontario, home to the once-proud London Free Press before it was gutted by Quebecor, hardly anybody reads the Sunday Freeps.

    When Sun Media first purchased the Freeps in 1997, the changes to the paper were bearable, with Big John Paton as the publisher (a London-born man).

    When Quebecor bought Sun Media, however,the knivers realy came out and the quality of The London Free Press has steadily slide into the ditch.

    You could fire a cannon off in the Free Press newsroom with no casualities.

  3. Here's something else baffling. Of the 28 or so Sun Media staff named as Dunlop winners or runners-up, only three are women -- and only one (Veronica Henri) is from one of the major dailies. Bravo to Veronica, but the list speaks volumes.