Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Re Press Review

Press Review, a labour of love for Michael Cassidy from 1977 until his death in 2005, is for sale. Asking price: $50,000 or assumption of debts.

A notice on the Canadian Journalism Project web site says the trade magazine for reporters, editors and communication professionals has suspended publication and is looking for a buyer.

Is there anyone out there ready to accept the challenge? It would be a shame to see Press Review fade into the sunset. It has been a vital source for media contacts, troop movements, news etc. for three decades.

When founding publisher Michael Cassidy, 81, a WW2 vet and a familiar face in Toronto newsrooms for decades, died of prostate cancer in March of 2005, his widow Jana Cassidy inherited the magazine and vowed to carry on as publisher.

Jana published the glossy periodical up to the Fall 2006 issue, which can still be read online at the Press Review web site.

"However, due to a lack of interest, she is stepping down and putting the magazine up for sale," says the Canadian Journalism Project web site. "The asking price is $50,000 or assumption of debts."

The Press Review and its predecessor, Press Journal, were Michael's pet projects and he nurtured them over the decades by mingling with Canadian journalists on all fronts - print and broadcast.

Toronto Sun staffers welcomed Michael's visits to the newsroom because he was always upbeat and could be counted on for a new story or two.

Michael's tireless efforts to report the news about the news makers should be enough of a motive to save Press Review.

A partnership of laid off and fired Toronto Sun employees, perhaps?

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