Thursday, 24 May 2007

The Dunlops puzzle

When the Ottawa Sun announced it had won several 2006 Dunlop Awards yesterday, TSF found it odd that only the Ottawa awards were mentioned.

We checked the Toronto Sun on Wednesday, but not a word about the annual in-house Edward Dunlop Award of Excellence recipients.

In previous years, winners of all of the Dunlops were announced the same day, with chain-wide fanfare. In the early years, all of the awards were announced at black tie dinners at the posh Sutton Place hotel.

A previous source said the awards would probably be announced in late May or early June.

So what's with the Ottawa Sun's solo announcement?

Did the Ottawa Sun jump the gun with a strike/lockout deadline approaching? Were the Ottawa Sun wins put out there as a negotiations bargaining chip?

Are the Dunlop awards judges ticked?

Very odd, indeed.

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