Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Winning words

When Laurie Mustard lost an older brother to heart disease attributed to heavy smoking years ago, he soon gave up his own cigarette habit.

And then the Winnipeg Sun columnist used his computer keyboard and ad campaigns to reach out to thousands of Manitobans still fighting to kick the habit.

Laurie's efforts will be recognized June 24 when the Canadian Cancer Society in Manitoba awards him one of four Hope Awards for inspiring others to quit smoking.

Finding Laurie's story while Sun surfing on the Internet reminded us of all of the Toronto Sun reporters and columnists who have touched readers with stories about their own personal dramas.

Their first-person stories about dealing with mental illness, alcoholism, cancer, ALS and other diseases were encouraged by management and overwhelmingly embraced by loyal Sun readers.

We did so to help others cope and to let them know they were not alone.

The outpouring of support from readers following these first person accounts reaffirmed the special bond Toronto Sun readers had with the tabloid's writers.

Readers would take the time to call or write letters, expressing their gratitude to Sun writers for sharing their experiences.

So well done, Laurie. Your public effort to help smokers kick the habit fits perfectly into the Toronto Sun Family's tradition of caring and sharing.

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