Thursday, 24 May 2007

Dunlops: Winnipeg

The Edward Dunlop Award of Excellence piece-meal winner announcements continued today with the Winnipeg Sun reporting it won two of the awards.

"The Winnipeg Sun has been chosen to receive two Edward Dunlop Awards of Excellence for its sports coverage in 2006, marking the newspaper's best haul since joining the Sun Media chain in 1999," the paper reported today.

"When you're competing against papers in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and other big cities, two wins are a great reason to celebrate," said Stephen Ripley, the Sun's editor-in-chief. "It shows the level of talent and dedication in our sports department and reflects well on the entire newsroom."

The winners:
Sports Writing: Columnist Paul Friesen, a Winnipeg Sun staffer since 1997, for Juiced, a three-part series on drugs in sports.

Layout and Design: Graphic designer Andrew Pollreis, for his work on Home Turf, the Sun's eye-catching pregame CFL supplement.

"It's an honour to win with a project like Home Turf," said Pollreis, who has also been at the Sun since 1997.

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