Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Danny dealt out

We knew Toronto's first newspaper column on poker was too good to last.

The Toronto Sun's syndicated poker column by Daniel Negreanu, a Toronto-born professional poker player, was quietly folded three weeks ago.

We were hoping Daniel, a high profile player, was on vacation, but no such luck.

"The Toronto Sun decided to drop Daniel's column (Fridays in the sports section) because of space restrictions," Steve Miller, president of Card Shark Media, told Toronto Sun Family.

"The Windsor Star currently runs Daniel's column," Steve said in an e-mail. "If you feel strongly about getting Daniel's column back in The Sun, I suggest that you consider sending an email to the editor, Mike Burke-Gaffney at mike.burke-gaffney@sunmedia.ca"

Sun Media has developed a nasty habit of dropping columns and features from the tabloid without advising its readers.

As we have said previously, in the old days the absence of a column for weeks at a time usually meant the writer was enjoying a Sun sabbatical.

Now it usually means the kiss of death.

John Downing, Alison Downie, Hartley Steward, Valerie Gibson, Bill Brioux and others have been dropped from the Toronto Sun in the past year without a word to readers.

Now Daniel.

For a business focused on communications, Quebecor/Sun Media suck when it comes to communicating with readers.

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